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MOSS strives to explore what luminaires can be.


The wide, undulating curves of large sand dunes inspired us to create the modular Dune light fixture. Fascinated by the light and shadows cast by dunes that are constantly in motion, we designed organic shapes as floating objects in space.

Dune 6 pendant

Dune 4 pendant

Emily Group of Five in Robert Downey Jr.'s home

Our bestselling series of handmade steel shades has been awarded with the German Design Award and matches a large variety of interiors all around the world.


A supreme level of character and personality are the essence of MOSS Objects. We celebrate originality and reach it through innovation. The elegant aesthetics of our design luminaires captivate with their unique complexity, but at the same time surprise with their simplicity of use.

Our vision

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Emily Group of Five

Dune 6

Emily V8

Dune 8V


Emily Group of Three

Emily Group of Seven

Dune 4V

Emily I

We are extremely proud of our handcrafted production in Germany. Our cooperation with local companies allows us to constantly monitor quality and be highly flexible in order to meet our customers' special requests - to create design lighting as never seen before.

Handmade in Germany

Emily won the prestigious trophy in 2019

German Design Award

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